Wardhamaneri Inc – Paperbags, is a Newspaper bag making company active since 2010. We manufacture and promote paperbags to make environment cleaner and healthier. We believe that the change starting from you can become universal one day.

We are mainly in to Newspaper bags making and retailing. You can get paperbags for various usages such as... grocery, cloths, daily needs.

“Say NO to Plastic!!”

We are sure that you care for the environment as we are...!

Has plastic become essential part of our life...?

Is there a way to come out of this addition...?

May be difficult question to answer, but you can start with youself and make more and more people aware about less usage of plastic. Most dangerous use of plastic is a plastic bag in our daily needs. We can avoid it by using paper bags. We want you create awareness in out next generation to stop using plastics and use more and more reusable paper bags material.




   Megha, Pune India

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